It’s a cake!
It’s 13 paintings!
It’s a sculpture!
It’s a biography!

Stack of Cake Paintings Holding slices of cake Couture Cakes

It’s Franco Mondini-Ruiz’s latest creation. Couture Cakes! Thirteen personalized paintings on canvas that tell your story or that of a loved one. Perfect for weddings, valentine’s, anniversaries, birthdays, etc... Although they look like real cakes, the canvases can be touched, and on the back are clever poetic titles. These cakes are selling like hotcakes at the special introductory price of $5000. Order yours today!

For more tantalizing information, call:
Franco Mondini-Ruiz 646-338-4817
or Franco’s assistant Holly Hein 210-363-9096

Cakes by Franco Mondini-Ruiz